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Who are we?

The year 1985 is the first step to the decoration and building sector, our story starts here. Our first application area is ceramics marble workshop and application. We are a bit busy at workshop to learn these things literally on the assembly line. Towards the end of the 1990s, we continued to enjoy our work, no matter how little of the mastery experience in ceramic tile and marble applications. Fairs and promotions in our country have gained momentum towards the 2000's and it was the best opportunity for us. By following the technology and new products, we have enriched our experience in this area. Then, in 2008, we established our company as Erka Yapı Interior Design and Decoration.

Our field is Building Sector, our knowledge has been going on for 30 years. We are doing our job with determination not with greed. We know that greed is power, perseverance gives power. Erka Yapı is the first company in e-ticeret and decoration application team to be experienced in internet and software fields by passing on the pc technology which will exceed this commodity when passing on material sales and applications with handbraches and customer portfolio. Has begun to receive.

As Erka Yapi, we have never stopped our business. We did not make anybody a victim, even if it was harmed. We do our own business with our own team. In addition to the decoration application team in our world, we are doing ourselves in our own software in the virtual world as well. It is best to give the best service to the human being which is perfect for the creation which pleases us the most. Our customers and colleagues know that we are working in the Building Sector with confident steps, with the most mistakes being made. For this reason, Erka Building does not sell business to anyone, work does not rust, and does not assign a team separately. He does not work with the commission on any business. Erka takes the building itself, contracts itself and delivers it. Erka Building as a motto: If there is a horse, on its back it is in line with the principle of being at the beginning if there is a bond.

It does not work like a broker, such as sites that are forming in the Internet world and serving in these areas, which do not operate in decoration areas. Everyone should serve their own field. Apples are sold in pear-market. Apple is a Building Sector called Pear, but does not work by buying commissions by selling business. In this way grievances and complaints come to the line. We took the reminder because we thought this explanation was compulsory. We assure you that our esteemed customers will appreciate these details in a healthy manner. Finally, He has experience in Erka Building. Erka is the architect of building business. Erka Construction will not accept commodities. Erka Building is a brand building.

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