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Turn Key Decoration

What is Turn Key Decoration? Information on remodeling, repairs, decoration, rough work and turnkey construction.

Turn-key decoration is the delivery of a building in general and complete. All phases of turn-key decoration and renovation, feasibility studies are final and contracted applications. Generally there are lots of details in turn-key interior decorations, so there are also problems. However, the problem is that most of the application items that are important in general decoration applications are written on the lists, so the subsequent addition of other products or the addition of a non-account detail later does not make much difference in terms of cost and time-out.

After all the details are written in turn-key decorations, team work at the application level is the most important place. For this reason, interior decoration, exterior decoration, or turn-key decoration in each building to be done, after the work is finished, there is a question to finish. This requires a full team organization and experience. Decoration renovation work, our country experience and ability to deliver work is very few. You can find dozens of forums and comments on the internet and meaningful complaints on some sites. The reason why these troubles are happening is that I am doing it a little bit more. Let's take a good turn-key decorating lesson and take into account the expiration dates of discovery fee.

Rough reconstruction and decoration of the penthouse: It is perfectly straightforward to take the circle from the roof, which seems to be the most profitable. But in the next stage, details, design, and home renewal will be done by ourselves. Kabadan apartment was taken, it is more correct to give this job as a complex decoration, it is more correct to call each floor applicator separately and make cost? If we extract here, it is best to have one company in one item. Another idea of ​​decoration is that the material is taken from the places of the employer application, and when the decoration is finished the application costs 30% to 35% of the total material amount. In this way, the employer is profitable. Because the renovation decorating products from the addresses that the apprentice company calls are more suitable. We will go on to detail our turn-key home decorating ideas in detail.

Turn-key home decoration is the most appropriate decoration. You need to make all the necessary steps in the turn-key home decoration to the contract. After doing this, all of the application items belong to the worker. Turnkey delivery means getting the job done without getting tired.

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