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Exterior mantle and decoration came from our European countries. We used to apply materials such as facade plaster, exterior façade, exterior façade terasit, glass mosaic etc as standard in constructions. But when it came to these days, the façade began to become as important as interior decorations, and at the same time, heat insulation has become a matter of emphasis and consideration in the sense of energy savings. Exterior façade decoration applications, There are 12 years in the fury in our country. Energy savings are provided in large quantities. The first insulation material in the European countries is the XPS and is a gaseous product.

How is the mantle made?

What are the phases of application of external cladding? Firstly, the area to be mantled is measured in m2, then the most suitable mantle is selected, then the security scaffold is installed, the cracks on the building, paint creases, plaster rusts, rough areas and areas where plaster repairs are done are started after the repairs and modifications are made. How is the mantle application done? The mantling application is done after the building is flattened and after repair repairs are done, the sheathing material is bonded with the help of 10mm comb. EPS and XPS The sealing material is bonded in the same detail. Then dicing is done. Doweling is done by throwing 5 dowels in every 1m2 area. The cantilever anchor application must be fully assembled. After the cementation dewatering process is completed, application of the matte plaster is carried out. Filament plaster application First of all, after applying 3 mm of plaster on the eps or xps insulation material, apply 160 g of mantle files. Then, after the plaster has dried up, roll the lining material with the help of rollers. Before making fine grain or coarse decorative plaster, be sure to strike the primer on the plaster. After applying the decorative plaster material with PwC trowel, you should shoot the bottom lining material again. Then make the exterior façade mantle painting process such as silicone. The scaffolding process is carried out after the mantling process is over. Whilst the scaffolding process is being carried out, the tiles installed on the outside must be completely and completely filled in order to prevent deformations in the material during the dismantling works. Otherwise, tij and dowel sites create ugly images on the facades. Attach your specifications and contracts files to the facades to be mantled and insulated.

What is Xps?

Xps material is an insulating material which is gas-inflated. In addition to xps material used as mantling and insulation, there is also eps insulation mantle material which is used as insulation and mantle. Eps is divided into two parts: mantle material and carbon eps mantle material. Exterior mantle materials prices vary according to the standards of materials. For exterior cladding and insulation you can get information from GeneralDeKoration.com or you can email directly.

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